Introduction of the Gethsemana Prayer Center Church (Reg.322)

“Gethsemana Prayer Center” Church was established 35 years ago with the divine plan God has bestowed to Rev. B.G.C.Mendis who began his ministry at Kurna. Katunayake in a rented house by the Name call “Gethsemana”.

Since then he looked brake job near me unto the Lord directly and waited upon him with ardent Christian Belief and faith for our spiritual and literal needs. God built this church without find bride review any financial assistance or funds from foreign countries. Currently Gethsemana Prayer Center Church head office is situated at No.422, Kurana Katunayake establishe jobitel d and registered in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka as a Christian Church under the registration No. S 322 and Rev. B.G.C. Mendis serve the Lord in the Gampha District for more than 7500 believers under Pentecostal Doctrine.

Over 15,000 believers worship in 65 “Gethsemana Prayer Center Church” branches which are situated in various districts beginning from Gampha districts in Sri Lanka.

The Grace of God alone enabled the Gethesemana Prayer Center Church, which has its head quarters in Sri Lanka to expand its services with 65 branches in the country. More details can be found aristocrat online. This Ministry is renowned internationally too brining glory to his kingdom. The international Ministry was build by the great plan of God by the believers who migrated to various countries.
Currently there are full time pastors who are serving the Lord in these countries such as in Dubai, Doha Quarter, Italy and India. Over 90 pastors and Sisters are wholly dedicated to serve the Lord full time in Sri Lanka. Further работа approximately 650 core workers & laymen who are mainly categorized in to 14 groups engage in voluntary services for the Lord on find bride review the part time basis to Minister 15,000 believers spread in the whole Island.


Our main objective is to preach работа мск the word of God and make disciples to expand his kingdom and help our believes to grow spiritually in the Lord and to prepare the church for the second advent of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Church Services

    • Every Sunday - 2.00pm Sunday Service
    • Every Friday 6.00am - 6.00pm Special Prayer conducted by the prayer team
    • Every Friday 9.00am – 12 nn Appointments to meet the Chief Pastor
    • Every Wednesday - 5.00pm Special Bible Study & Miracle Service
    • Last Friday of every month - 9am -12 nn Water Baptism
    • Last Friday of every month 4.00pm - midnight All night prayers followed by Holy Communion
    • 3rd Sunday of every month at 2.00pm - Dedicating the children
    • Good Friday 9.00am – 3.00pm Good Friday service
    • Easter Sunday – 9.00am Easter service
    • 1st December Special Service for those who make Covenant with God
    • 24th December 9.30pm Christmas Service
    • 31st December 7.00pm New year Service/li>