The Life testimony of Rev. B.G.C. Mendis

The Life testimony of the founder and chief administrator of the gethsamana prayer centre, kurana, katunayake, Rev.B.G.C.Mendis.

“The Lord God selects on his own accord men of his choice under his palm irrespective of any social distinctions”

In keeping with His version above, Rev.Pastor Balapuwaduge George Cyril Mendis, who was born and bred in the ja-ela, bopitiya area was a Roman Catholic by birth. Without any aim or ambition in life he led a crude and boisterous life in the year 1960.

He followed a playful and jocular life as his age called for. In the mean time he was invariably compelled to attend a good news crusade held at ja-ela, conducted by a foreign evangelist together with his fellowmen. The young man Cyril Mendis was captivated by the inspiration of the call of God to pursue his vocation, par excellence.

Being obedient to the will of God, he decided to seek access to the A.O.G. Bible School and followed a course in theology. As a pupil of Revd.Pastor Colton Wickremarathne he completed his course of studies and under the guidance of the divine inspiration he stepped into the kurana, katunayake village in the year 1972 with a minimum of two rupees in hand.
Sine it was the plan of the Almighty, though it was an untrodden valley which he was not used to, as a preliminary step he was invariably compelled to settle at the kurana cemetery to launch his evangelical vision and mission, at the very outset.

Rev.Pastor Mendis was used by the Divine Authority bestowing many a gift under the Divine Palm. Despite he had to face intolerable hardships and inimical forces by certain subversive elements who are against Christian doctrine he preached. But he was altogether able to over come all such defects and flaws by the heavenly intervention and inspiration of the Divine Palm, and there was no any force to disrupt his attitude.

When the believers grew in number he moved to a place at Mangala Road, as a temporary measure and as time went on he selected a plot of land at No.422, Colombo Road, Kurana, Katunayake to erect a prayer centre church for believers to worship in the year 1972.
With the assistance of the believers and without any foreign assistance the Gethsamana Prayer Centre Church was registered in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka under No. S. 332, by the grace of the Almighty.

In the year 1978 Rev.Pastor Mendis was gifted with a partner in life and he entered into the bond of marriage with Sister Irin Stella Fernando, who hails from Bolawalana, Negombo. In the year 1979 they were gifted with the eldest child Rupas Kumar, and in the year 1985 they were blessed with the second son Tyrone Dilshan.


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